Tom Hanks found the worst skyscraper in new York

Tom Hanks found the worst skyscraper in new York

Why not just find people walking around the city. For example, American actor Tom Hanks during yesterday’s walk found the worst skyscraper in the Big Apple.

In support of this, the actor has published in his Twitter account a photo of a tall building Long Lines Building (it was awarded as the «most terrible»), to tell him what’s going on inside.

This is the scariest building I’ve ever seen! WTF goes on inside?? Hanx.

— Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) June 2, 2017

«This is the creepiest building I’ve ever seen! What the hell is going on inside?».

It is obvious that Hanks impressed laconic exterior buildings: the marble facing, the lack of Windows, the impressive dimensions of the Long Lines Building as if by themselves make you think about the terrible things that can happen inside a sort of citadel of the dark Lord.

The question would be, and who is responsible. The Internet community has not remained indifferent to the manifestation of curiosity. Resourceful enthusiasts immediately began offering their own versions of what can be a skyscraper, «without Windows, without doors», and every next commenter is clearly trying to outdo the wit of its predecessor.

Someone wrote that the building is the place where the produce nightmares:

That is where nightmares are made

— Joe Otterson (@JoeOtterson) June 2, 2017

Or live here Zuul from «Ghostbusters»?


— ☪ This is Charles Gaba ✡ app (@charles_gaba) June 2, 2017

«The building is not. There is only Zuul.»

Of course, there were no «Men in black», «Game of thrones» and George Orwell’s novel «1984».

Can’t tell you.

— Nicolas Blin (@nicolasacco) June 3, 2017

«Can’t tell».

I’m pretty sure Danaerys Targaryan dragons keeps her there.

— Matt Koenig (@m44koenig) June 3, 2017

«I’m pretty sure that Daenerys Targaryen keeps his dragons.»

Looks like the Ministry of Truth.

— Ocular Nervosa (@ocularnervosa) June 2, 2017

«Looks like the Ministry of truth».

The «championship «Jenga» also has the right to life, why not.

World Jenga championships…. scary stuff ? x

— Nikki Sanderson (@NikkiSanderson) June 2, 2017

Whatever goes inside definitely doesn’t come back out

— James Garcia (@thereeljames) June 2, 2017

«Whatever happens inside, the outside is definitely not out.»

The castle of Lord Farquaad from «Shrek»? Is also an option.

Looks like Lord Farquaad»s place in Duloc

— Sheev (@hesthesenate) June 3, 2017

A small historical note can help. Skyscraper Long Lines Building was built in 1974 year by architect John Warnica to accommodate three long-distance digital telephone stations — two AT&T and one Verizon.

This building is called one of the most secure buildings in America, as it was designed to withstand radioactive contamination within two weeks after a nuclear explosion. Currently the building is used by the NSA. There is the wiretapping of telephone conversations and interception of data on the Internet.

About this users Twitter said Hanks, sending him a link to last year’s investigation of the publication The Intercept, dedicated to this building.