The horseshoe crabs have reached the beaches of new York

The horseshoe crabs have reached the beaches of new York

Frequenters of the beaches of the East Coast could see a large concentration of horseshoe crabs. This is due to the fact that «fossil» began mating season.

Last week the staff of the National Parks Service in Fire Island, posted a photo to Instagram with a note: «have You noticed these horseshoe crabs on Fire Island? The horseshoe crabs come ashore during new moons and full moons in may and June for breeding and to lay eggs».

In NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has closed several areas, but a complete ban on the harvest of horseshoe crabs there. Horseshoe crabs are harvested because of their unique blood clotting, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry. By the way, the blood they have sky blue. In some cultures the eggs of horseshoe crabs are considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

In recent years, many horseshoe crabs are unable to reach the shore, as they prevented partition. Calvert Vaux is the only place that is specially redesigned for horseshoe crabs. But these living fossils persistent and still manage to get to Coney island Creek.