Tell the FBI the woman Las Vegas arrow

Tell the FBI the woman Las Vegas arrow

Marylou, Durnley, a friend of 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, returned to the United States from the Philippines late last night. At the international airport of Los Angeles met her and began to escort FBI agents, reports NBC, citing its own sources.

Investigators believe that, Durnley, who went to the Philippines on September 25, will be able to shed some light at least on the motives of the shooter that killed 59 people and wounded hundreds more.

Tell the FBI the woman Las Vegas arrow

«At the present time she is a person of interest,» said a Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Detectives believe the Paddock and Marylou began Dating in March of this year and lived together in Mesquite, Nevada. There is no evidence that she’s somehow involved in the shooting.

According to her profile on LinkedIn, of denli worked as a hostess in a casino in Reno, Nevada, where, presumably, she met Stephen Paddock. Marylou in 2015 I broke up with her ex-husband, she has children and grandchildren.

As ABC7 reports, several senior law enforcement officials said that the Paddock has transferred 100 thousand dollars to an account in the Philippines for a week before staged a bloody shooting in modern U.S. history. It is unknown whether of denli with the money. Australian sisters women believe that the Paddock specially sent Marylou that she «did not hinder his plans.»

They told about it in interview to channel 7 News Australia.

«Marylou of denli — my sister, she is nice and gentle. Mother, grandmother, sister, friend» — almost in tears, said one of the women. «It was not going to go anywhere until Steve said, «Marylou, I found you a cheap ticket to the Philippines».

The sisters believe that Marylou has information that will help the investigation. «Nobody can put together a puzzle, except her. Because Steve is dead, and now she’s the only one I’ll try to clarify what happened.»

Women believe that sister much more shocked by the tragedy than they are. «She was closer to him than to us. Imagine what it feels like to know that the person with whom you live and whom you love, are capable of such».