Legalization of marijuana will create thousands of high-paying jobs in California

Legalization of marijuana will create thousands of high-paying jobs in California

When talking about the benefits of legalizing recreational use of marijuana in California, the first thing that comes to mind is additional income to the Treasury. However, this is not the only advantage.

The new rules will create lots of jobs. In 2018 in the Golden state is expected to palpable surge of employment — in the coming months, thousands of experts will be able to get a job in government.

What professionals will get a chance for employment

To regulate the industry with a 7-billion-dollar Corporation requires analysts, environmentalists, lawyers, tax inspectors, technicians, operators or managers. Have the appropriate skills and education? Prepare summary.

Since January the number of jobs will grow exponentially.

At the moment, the California cannabis industry regulated by several government agencies. The role of the Bureau for control of cannabis, which coordinates the efforts of all other departments, in particular, of the office for consumer Affairs, CalCannabis and the Department of public health.

Legalization of marijuana will create thousands of high-paying jobs in

A few weeks before start of outreach staff. So, the Office for the control of cannabis, which today employs about two dozen people, already in February will expand its staff to 100 staff. The Agency plans to open offices throughout California and needed additional staff. New employees will trade translate entertaining stuff from the black market in the legal field.

The California Department of public health in 2018, plans to hire 50 new employees, and CalCannabis, one of the divisions of the Department of food and agriculture, would hire 60 people. Besides 65 vacancies will appear in water resources Management.

The first have to ensure that used cannabis-producing pesticides and fertilizers do not pollute water and not cause harm to fish, the duties of the second will include the control of groundwater and irrigation sources of the marijuana. As for lawyers, they will resolve disputes related to the legislation in the sphere of nature protection.

The wage

One of the main issues of interest to applicants is the salary. It varies depending on the position, but overall very attractive. Thus, the scientific staff in all relevant agencies will earn more than $100 thousand a year, and some specialists of the Department of consumer Affairs — $80 000. This is significantly above the average wage in California, which, according to PayScale, today is 62.5 thousand dollars.

Bureau for the control of cannabis has announced the recruitment of 26 September. Accepting applications for the position of head of the Department of personnel has already started. The candidates should hurry as the vacancy will close on 9 October.

The Bureau promises to soon create even more jobs.

The legalization of marijuana in some States has already made a significant contribution to the employment of Americans. According to the analytical portal Leafy, last year in positions related to the cannabis industry, worked 122 814 people. As of September 2017 their number increased to 149 of 304 people — the increase was 22%. It turns out that for the year the change of the legal status of cannabis gave 26 490 U.S. residents.

Despite the fact that the law on the legalization of the substance in California is not yet fully in force, it is Golden state is in first place for employment in the relevant industry. 47 711 local residents are employed in the cannabis industry or are working on regulation.

Legalization of marijuana will create thousands of high-paying jobs in CaliforniaGiven the volume of California’s economy, after the legalization of marijuana, this figure will increase significantly. We will remind that today the GDP of the Golden state is in sixth place in the world — according to economic indicators, it surpasses many countries, in particular France, Italy and Brazil.

The reverse of the medal

Undoubtedly, the translation of trafficking in marijuana in the legal field will have a positive impact on the economy of California in General and the welfare of its inhabitants. Do these benefits back? Unfortunately, there are implications for the health of the population.

After removing the taboo on the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, it will certainly start to eat more people. With its relative harmlessness of the substance is not so harmless.

Its benefits, which for many years advocated supporters boils down to pain relief, a light sedative effect and to alleviate the symptoms of some diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Based on the latest data of the National Institute for addiction research, much more harm. Marijuana use negatively affects mental activity and memory, and high doses of chemicals cause hallucinations, mania and even psychosis. Besides, within three hours of cannabis use increases the risk of heart attack, but in the long term can cause lung disease.

Cannabis is particularly harmful for adolescents, whose brains are not yet fully formed. Studies show that young lovers to indulge grass often suffer from defects of personality, and their IQ is lower than their peers by at least 8 points.

Another risk group — pregnant and lactating women. Their children often have problems with memory and concentration.

With the new year, every Californian will get the legal right to choose to use marijuana to him or not. This decision should be approached consciously.