Why don’t the authorities sounded the alarm when Paddock began EN masse to buy weapons?

Why don’t the authorities sounded the alarm when Paddock began EN masse to buy weapons?

Special agent, Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives Jill Snyder reported that the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock started his deadly collection in 1982 year. During all this time the Paddock bought 47 pieces of legal weapons. And 33 of them he has acquired over the last year.

«From October 2016 to September 28, 2017, he bought 33 firearms. They were mostly rifles,» says Snyder.

But why the Bureau did not suspect anything and not sounded the alarm?
As explained by Jill Snyder, they receive a notification only if someone buys two or more than once.
«We do not report the purchase of rifles,» says Snyder of CBS. «Federal law does not require it.»

One of the rifles Paddock bought a couple of days before the bloody massacre, September 28, when he checked into the hotel Mandalay Bay, where people were shot, reports CBS News.

CBS spoke with Christopher Sullivan, General Manager of the store licensed weapons Guns & Guitarswhere the Paddock and made his purchase.

«I’m going to faint. I am physically ill from the thought that we interacted with him, and he was the cause of this tragedy,» says Sullivan.
Asked by a reporter of the CBS, whether he feels some guilt for what happened, Christopher said: «We are doing everything correctly. We can’t control what buyers do when they leave the store.»

Sullivan said that the Paddock was a client of Guns & Guitars for about a year. During this time, the shop sold him 5 units of firearms.

We will remind, on Sunday evening, October 1, the Paddock opened fire on visitors of the music festival. Some suggest that the sound of gunfire was very similar to gunfire. But the sale of automatic weapons in the United States is prohibited. Bureau of firearms control stated that, in the room of the Paddock found 24 weapons and 12 of them were installed special devices (bump-stock), which increase the rate of fire almost to the level of gunfire. This «improvement» is completely legal.