In California grew a giant pumpkin

In California grew a giant pumpkin

How do you think major should be pumpkinto be called a giant well right? Don’t know? Well, then in search of an answer we need to go to the annual world contest of huge pumpkins.

An event with a long and catchy title World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off, held in the town of Half moon Bay, located South of San Francisco in California are already 44 times. Farmers coming from different corners of the country gathered in one place to show off his own grown orangegoblin beauties weighing from a couple hundred to 2 thousand pounds.

In California grew a giant pumpkin

For nearly three hours pumpkin contestants were weighed and measured in front of hundreds of spectators, and on the scales they were hoisted with a forklift.

The winner of last year (the farmer, not the pumpkin), Cindy Tobeck directly beamed with pride and surprise when the digital display showed the number of 2002 lbs. This pumpkin broke Tobec set the record last year – 1910 pounds, which brought her victory in the contest this fall.

However, this year the victory went not to her. The first prize was awarded pumpkin, who came to California from Sumner, Washington. Thanks to the efforts of farmer Joel Holland she had reached the weight at 2,363 pounds, becoming the heaviest pumpkin in the history of the competition.

This victory was the seventh in the record of Holland, the prize of which was $ 7 for each pound of pumpkin. After simple calculations we receive the prize amount of $ 16,541, which will agree, is a very pleasant bonus in addition to recognizing the achievements.