The bagel cost $ 1000 back in new York (photos)

The bagel cost $ 1000 back in new York (photos)

In November residents and visitors of new York will have the unique opportunity to eat a bagel cost…. $ 1,000.

Bagels will sell the Westin New York, located in times square. For the first time in the menu, such a bagel appeared 10 years ago, but then stopped doing it.

The bagel cost $ 1000 back in new York (photos)

Pastry cream is covered with white Italian truffles and sprinkled with gold flakes.

As told to NBC New York, the press Secretary at the Westin, the white truffle is the most expensive food in the world after caviar (black pressed caviar). The delicacy is growing in the Italian region of Alba, and to detect this, you need specially trained dogs or pigs. The truffle season is very short – from late autumn to winter.

That’s what makes the bagel so expensive. «Considering how prices have increased over the decade (try to buy an apartment for the same price as in 2007!), the cost of this bagel even too low,» — say representatives of the hotel.

Buy a bagel can be in the Foundry Bar — bar – Breakfast hours. By the way, all proceeds from sales will go to charity.