The first cover of Playboy decorated model-transgender

The first cover of Playboy decorated model-transgender

Nature sometimes plays with people very bad jokes, and not all have the strength and courage to her to compete. INES Rau have enough of both. Young model of French origin became the first girl transgendered, which appeared on the cover of popular men’s magazines Playboy, proving that in this world nothing is impossible.

According to the article, published on the official website of the journal, twenty-four model conducts an active way of life. She travels the world shooting for various fashion publications, including giants such as Vogue and Luvre, participates in fashion shows, sports and promoting the rights of women and members of LGBT.

The first cover of Playboy decorated model-transgender

Inez made a sex change operation when she was 15, and very long concealed this fact from the people around her. But after some time, she realized that the most important thing is to be yourself, not paying attention to conventions such as public opinion or the biological division into male and female gender. She believes that revealing the truth about yourself brings relief, and those who are not able to accept it, are not worthy to be part of the life of a person. The main thing in life is not love of others. It is love to himself.

INES doesn’t plan to stop the career of a model. She would like to do the acting thing and plunge into the world of cinema. This area attracts a girl as the movie tells the stories. There you can be anyone, and all you need is to be able to show real emotions. In addition, as famous person can use their fame for good. Inez wants to help people, and she believes that much good can be done if you’re famous. One of the priorities is the protection of the environment and drawing attention to environmental problems. That’s what she will do if she has international fame.

About the change of sex INES says that those who believe that transgender people violate the laws of nature, are people who themselves have done nothing to help this. Sex change is a personal choice.

«I would have to hide it, but I don’t, because I respect people.»