84-year-old fired from Walmart for lifted from the floor and 1 dollar

84-year-old fired from Walmart for lifted from the floor and 1 dollar

Frankie Ruffino, 84-year-old employee of the store Walmart in Texas, loved his work. But she never would have thought that at such an advanced age face the problem of dismissal, and even for what reason: she picked up the note value of $ 1 and left.

Mrs. Ruffino was performed in Walmart simple work. She greeted and welcomed people at the entrance to the store. The woman claims that she even never late for his work.

When women’s health weakened, she was transferred to the post of operator in Brenham Supercenter. Ruffino could boast a spotless record, no penalties for almost a decade.

A few weeks ago, the woman closed the working area, as it has done for many years. On the floor at the entrance, she noticed a bill of $ 1. Ruffino reached down and picked up the note, put it on your Walker, without which it could not move, and closed the door. The following morning she called the store Manager. The chief asked the woman, whether she money. Ruffino answered honestly that night at the entrance found $ 1 and picked it up. After the conversation, the woman returned to work, and when he came the next day, she reported that she was fired. The reason for the dismissal was the suspicion of dishonesty.

This post is literally dealt a crushing blow to Frankie Ruffino. Woman has 70 years of employment and now, when her health and her wellbeing depend on that paycheck, because every day she has to take dozens of medications and use of oxygen tank, she fired.

«If they said to me, «Mrs. Frankie, you need to leave, because they can not do without oxygen tanks, you are already old and we have no place for you», I would take it that way, but I never thought that I would be suspect of dishonesty,» said Ruffino in an interview with KHOU.

The company Walmart reviews over the incident and did not provide.