Authorities warn of toxic substances in children’s food

Authorities warn of toxic substances in children’s food

The Federal Agency is going to ban a class of toxic flame retardants in food products for children. The special Commission plans to protect Americans from chemicals that can cause cancer, neurological disorder, hormonal disorders and other health problems.

On Wednesday , the Commission on consumer product safety Commission voted to immediately warn the public about the dangers of chemicals known as organohalogen, nutrition for kids, children’s mattresses, upholstered furniture and electronic appliances.

Authorities warn of toxic substances in children’s food

Some products with chemicals left the market after independent scientists have determined that they accumulate in humans and pose serious health risks.

Before this case the Commission and other Federal agencies rarely banned chemicals without direct requirements of the Congress. Coalition on health, supported by scientists, have convinced the Agency to act independently, arguing that the Americans always use brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, which are included in the products.

Retailers, including Walmart and Target, has already forced suppliers to avoid a wide range of chemicals that are part of the household goods. For example, those that mimic hormones which may over time adversely affect the development of children.

At the moment, the Agency for environmental protection (EPA), the U.S. is responsible for the assessment of halogenated flame retardants for safety. But even under the best scenarios provided by law, EPA will need more than ten years to determine whether to prohibit or restrict these chemicals.

The American chemical Council said that now companies are starting to seek safer alternatives to toxic substances.

Recall that the California company Overhill Farms recalled a huge batch of baby food – 2.5 tons – due to the bones, discovered in its composition.