Charity coffee shop will struggle with suicide

Charity coffee shop will struggle with suicide

To do charity in different ways, for example, arranging themed events, such as races or fairs, or partnering with local companies, musicians, artists and everyone who turned up under the arm.

Johnny Boucher, Creator of the nonprofit organization Hope for the Day, which is struggling with suicide, said that if he had to work with the manufacturers of toilet paper to save lives, he would not hesitate not seconds.

Fortunately, before these radical projects yet it did not come. The most ambitious undertaking of the former concert promoter can be called a new collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee. In the framework of this idea at 3039 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago in the next year will be a coffee shop that helps to raise money for a good cause.

Instead donate to charity a tiny amount, such as 10 cents on each ordered a Cup of coffee, Boucher expects that all proceeds will be transmitted to the organization Hope for the Day for funding for suicide prevention and conduct educational activities in the field of mental health.

Thus, Boucher, and its partners of the Dark Matter hope their coffee can really help someone overcome particularly difficult moments in life, albeit indirectly. Drawing public attention to such a serious problem, young enthusiasts want to make the world a better place.

The coffee shop will be called Sip of Hope, in the same way as special blend coffee, which in Dark Matter have already been used for collaboration with Hope for the Day. It will be an outdoor area and a special wall with informational materials on suicide prevention. Baristas who want to work at a school, you will receive training covering various mental health issues.

To help pay for all the costs associated with opening a cafe, 2 Dec Boucher and his team are conducting the event to raise funds in WeWork Kinzie (20 West Kinzie St.). They also launched an online campaign to $ 250,000. All the money will go for construction work and payment of employees «good» wages. As of today the project has collected 76 388 dollars.

Boucher notes that the fundraiser is a way to attract people to participate in the project, however, the coffee shop will open in any case, regardless of whether they collect the required amount or not.