Radiation and volcanic eruption: threatening than tests under a North Korean mountain

Radiation and volcanic eruption: threatening than tests under a North Korean mountain

The nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, are so large that they change the Geology of earth. Now analysts see signs that the mountain Mantap a height of 7200 feet, under which Pyongyang detonates a nuclear bomb, suffers from the so-called «syndrome of tired of mountains.»

Mountain noticeably moved during the last nuclear tests, which resulted in an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 points. Then in a region that is seismically active, there are three earthquake.

Radiation and volcanic eruption: threatening than tests under a North Korean mountain

«What we are seeing in North Korea, looks like some sort of stress in the ground,» he told the Washington Post Paul Richards, a seismologist at the Observatory Lamont-Doherty of Columbia University. «And this triggered the explosion.»

Chinese scientists have warned that further nuclear tests can lead to the destruction of the mountain and exit out of accumulated radiation.

Since 2006, North Korea conducted six nuclear tests – they all passed in tunnels dug deep under the mountain Mantap, on the site known as the nuclear test facility Punggye-ri.

Analysts and intelligence experts are using satellite images to monitor the movement at the three entrances to the tunnel, which may indicate the beginning of a new trial.

During the last one, September 3, North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said that the country has conducted «a successful test of a hydrogen bomb.» According to analysts, under the mountain, an explosion occurred, which was 17 times more than Hiroshima. It was after this happened an artificial earthquake which was felt even in North-East China.

On pictures Airbus, which makes satellites, it was evident that the mountain is moving during the test. An area of about 85 acres on top of a mountain Mantap decreased markedly during the explosion, which indicates its strength and the weakness of the mountains.

Analysts Frank nearby there is situated and Jack Liu noted that Mantap suffering from «syndrome of tired of the mountains» — this «diagnosis» previously put many Soviet nuclear sites. «Syndrome of tired of the mountains» leads to the destruction of species and irreversible changes along the tectonic faults.

In the case of North Korea, any of the following the test can lead to environmental disaster. If the mountain collapses, it will release radiation. In addition, experts say, a nuclear test Pyongyang can also trigger an eruption, a potentially active volcano baekdu on the border with China. Its last eruption occurred in 1903.


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