Where tourists spend the most money: infographic

Where tourists spend the most money: infographic

The summer holiday season is over, but is around the corner and new year holidays, which many tourists prefer to spend in warm countries.

But Bangkokis, obviously, the guests of the city at any time of the year as it became the most popular tourist destination last year, according to the annual ranking of cities Mastercard Destination Cities.

Where tourists spend the most money: infographic

Last year Thailand was visited by more than 19.4 million people. Bangkok is ahead of such «monster tourism», as London (19,06 million visitors) and Paris (14.8 million).

As for the money spent by tourists, then the first place confidently holds Dubai.

Crowds of tourists flock there because of the variety of amazing attractions ranging from great museums and ending with the tallest building in the world – skyscraper Burj Khalifa (828 metres).

But, according to the Mastercard Destination Cities, mainly in Dubai, tourists are attracted by the possibility of a variety of shopping. The city has more than 70 shopping centers including Dubai Mall, the largest in the world by area.

Last year the guests of the city broke up here of 28.5 billion U.S. dollars, Mastercard predicts that in 2017, this amount will increase by more than 10%.

Even new York and London are far behind in this indicator, ranking respectively second and third places.

So, in new York city tourists spent last year of 17.02 billion dollars, and in London with 16.09 billion in dollar equivalent.

Where tourists spend the most money: infographic


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