The gang MS-13 has promised to «tighten repression»

The gang MS-13 has promised to «tighten repression»

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions promised today that the American police seriously strengthen measures to combat one of the most violent street gangs worldwide — Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).

At the International conference of police chiefs in Philadelphia sessions called MS-13 «priority» to control narcotics. In addition, stepping up efforts to identify gang members law enforcement officers dealing with cases involving racketeering, weapons and taxes. According to and Roman sessions, the MS-13 waiting for the really reinforced repression.

The gang MS-13 has promised to «tighten repression»

«The members of the gang MS-13 rape, Rob, extort and kill. The gang has more than 40 thousand people worldwide and about 10 thousand in the United States. This threatens the well-being of every American family,» said the attorney General.

The gang members are suspected of committing several high-profile killings in new York, Maryland and Virginia. According to police, on long island about 22 people were killed by a gang from the beginning of 2016, reports ABC News. Most members of MS-13 are in the U.S. illegally.

Itself sessions in July flew to Salvador , the home of MS-13, to learn more about its activities.

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