All 5 living former U.S. presidents gathered together for the victims of hurricanes

All 5 living former U.S. presidents gathered together for the victims of hurricanes

Democrats Barack Obama, bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Republicans – father and son George Bush senior and George W. Bush – came together on stage during a concert in College station, Texas, with the goal to unite the country after hit on the US disaster.

Saturday’s concert in the theater A&M’s Reed Arena was dedicated to raising money for victims of hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. All five ex-presidents came out to greet the crowd. George H. W. Bush, who is 93 years old and traveled in a wheelchair due to Parkinson’s disease.

«We have seen the spirit of America at its best, said from the stage of ex-President Barack Obama – when ordinary people rise up and do extraordinary things.»

«There’s still work to do, – said in his speech, Clinton about not fully restored areas after the hurricanes. This can be a new beginning, if we just do what we must, and will prove that the heart of America that do not have race or religion or political party, more of our problems.»

President trump was not present at the event, but, as reported by the Associated Press, he recorded a video message. Despite repeated criticism of former presidents, he called them «one of the best public servants of America.»

The last time all 5 former presidents came together in 2013 during the opening of the presidential library of George W. Bush in Dallas, but then Obama was still in power.

Laureate of the Grammy-winning singer Lady Gaga surprised everyone present at the concert. After the event, she put a photo with the five presidents on Twitter and signed it: «There is nothing more beautiful than to put aside their differences to help humanity in the face of disaster.»

Nothing more beautiful than everyone putting their differences aside to help humanity in the face of catastrophe. #OneAmericaAppeal

— xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) October 22, 2017

The concert was organized by the country group Alabama, a member of the hall of fame Grammy with the song «Soul Man» Sam Moore, singer Yolanda Adams and musicians from Texas Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl keen.

DJim McGrath, a spokesman for George Bush senior, said that since September 7, they managed to gather no less than 31 million dollars for victims of hurricanes.