Dogs rescued from Puerto Rico, looking for house

Dogs rescued from Puerto Rico, looking for house

This weekend in new York brought more than 50 dogs from Puerto Rico. Some of them were picked up on the streets, abandoned from other owners after hurricane Maria. Currently the animals are in a shelter Animal Haven in lower Manhattan, and officially they can be in the family, starting Tuesday, but applications for adoption can be submitted now.

Dogs were brought in new Jersey thanks to members of the Sato Project , with the assistance of family Foundation John and Wendy Neu. The Sato Project is a group of animal rescue based in Brooklyn and working in Puerto Rico.

Dogs rescued from Puerto Rico, looking for house

A large part of the caudate refugees – young dogs who came from the town of Yabucoa, which lies in the South-Eastern part of the island. Many of them were homeless dogs, while others become a burden to their former owners who felt it necessary to give dogs to the rescue.

For the period from September 30, the group evacuated more than 100 dogs from Puerto Rico, and in addition, activists helped local families keep their dogs by providing everything necessary for the pet. The President of the Sato Project, Chrissy Beckles, mission rescue dogs are the result of donations.

Of the 53 rescued dogs, 28 will be available for «adoption» at Animal Haven. The remaining dogs went to the shelter, Tails of Courage in Danbury, Connecticut. Animal Haven also temporarily settled dogs rescued from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as cats from Turks and Caicos Islands.

The adoption fee for dogs is $ 400. This amount covers the costs of animal rescue and vet services, such as check-UPS, vaccinations, neutering and chipping. On the website Sato Project indicated that the rescue of each dog costs about $ 1,000.

Shelter Animal Haven is located at 200 Centre St. in lower Manhattan. He works from noon to 19:00from Tuesday to Sunday.