What will be the new payment system in metro new York

What will be the new payment system in metro new York

Yesterday, October 23, the Committee of the MTA approved the contract to 573 million dollars on a new system of fare collection in the subway and buses in new York. This will be an adapted version of the system, which for several years used on the London underground and commuter trains in the British capital.

New electronic readers will be installed at 500 turnstiles in the metro 600 bus to the end of 2018. And before the end of 2020 it is planned to install them at all stations and all buses.

What will be the new payment system in metro new York

«It is a step which finally will lead us in the twenty-first century,» said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota. To pay for metro residents and visitors of new York will Bank cards or via smartphones. In addition, it is expected that this will reduce the queue to the vending machines for cards and speed up the passenger flow.

As explained Lhota, the new system will gradually replace the old, but the MetroCard will not be canceled until 2023. All this time passengers will be able to choose how to pay the fare. The new system will be in effect for Long Island railroad and Metro-North.

According to the MTA, pay is within apps, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, but credit and debit cards with chips.

«I think in the first stage, the main users of the system will be the people of the millennial, as they are more prone to technological innovation,» said Lhota.

Another advantage of the new method of payment will be that readers will install on the rear doors of the bus. Then passengers will be able to access all doors, while buses would be faster to go from stops, reducing travel time, reports the NY Times.

For new developments, the MTA hires the same company that designed her in London. There’s a system called Oyster. In new York the name is not chosen.