Stupid laws of the United States: myths and truths

Stupid laws of the United States: myths and truths

90% famous bizarre American laws that fill the Internet, fake and have nothing to do with reality. The real “strange” laws in the country, but always had a Foundation and is usually underestimated.


Stupid laws of the United States: myths and truths

These laws know no doubt all. Well, of course: in Arizona the donkey can’t sleep in the bathroom, and in Alabama to wear a fake mustache that could cause laughter in the Church. One detail — most of that from year to year, reprinted on the Internet on this subject a fake.

Wrong, even the Americans, naively spreading the lie further and further away, to say nothing of those Russian sites. Moreover, a lot of sites that are deliberately false slander laws, pulling details out of context of court decisions.

For example, the judge decided to punish the family N. for what their dog was barking uncontrollably at night, interfering with a neighbor C. to sleep. And the network then starts a new law that does not actually exist: “In Missouri dogs are not allowed to bark after six PM.” Oh! — surprised the public, immediately forgetting that an important feature of the US judicial system is one simple point — in the US, any judicial decision can become law. At least during the period of temporary validity of this decision. It turns out — punish the judge for dog owners for barking in the evening, read — banned all dogs of the state doing it!

The same donkey in the bathroom is not a law, but a specific case, which was also the judgement. In 1924, in the small town of Arizona, dam burst, which flooded a large area and at the same time destroyed the house of a local farmer, who kept a donkey. At the time of the accident the unfortunate animal to sleep in a bathtub and died, unable to get out. In this case, too, the phrase of the sentence turned into “the law” and, at the same time, ridicule.

Ridiculous limitations do exist. But they are often not so absurd, if you look at the law in its entirety and not in truncated form. For example, the famous and supposedly stupid ban on bathhouses in California. In fact, the state banned the bath where you can have sex, that is, in fact, a public house, under the form of baths, fighting, thus, the spread of HIV infection. But the second part of the law fell into Oblivion, and the first endlessly ridiculed in the media.

Or the law of new York prohibiting two or more people wearing masks, covering the face, to gather in public. The exception of costume parties, masquerades and so on. In any other case, such meeting must obtain permission from the police. This law 172 years. In 1845, the peasants who rented state government fields for the cultivation of wheat, learned that the Governor decided to reduce the purchase price of the wheat. Outraged farmers began dressing like the Indians, hiding his face, and in this form, or, consider anonymously to attack the police.

Really ridiculous new York can be considered the act of adultery or treason, or, as previously, it was called adultery. You will not believe, but in the section 255.17 of the criminal (!) state laws can still be read: “a Person is guilty of adultery when they engaged in sexual intercourse with another person at the time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse. Adultery is a class B misdemeanor, which is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 90 days or a fine of $ 500.”

This law entered into force on September 1, 1907 and he is still not cancelled. Early statistics are unknown, but since the 1970s of the last century to the present day, he was punished more than ten people. Technically, it is still a crime. And lawyers state there, he let it slip in an interview that enraged customers very often require them to seek punishment for cheating-spouses under the law.

Today, of course, the practical application of this law has not already. He admitted he was under pressure from the Church. And usually, given the opportunity to earn good money as a private detective. Why, in this case, it is still not canceled? The fact that the abolition of the law is a long procedure that involves red tape and bureaucracy. That is why the us is easier to ignore some strange limitations than to start the cancellation process. The judicial system of the United States is appropriate to compare with the tree, the old branches die and eventually do fall off, and new ones grow in free space without any restrictions.

Well, you can not really take seriously the law of one of the southern States, in which men and women over the age of 18 years is permitted to have at least one missing tooth, if evident when you smile. Thus the authorities tried to get people to visit dentists. You paid for it dentists lawmakers, and it really was taking care of people now will remain a mystery.

An incredible number of laws still made mistakes. So, Florida lawmakers accidentally banned all computers and smart phones in Internet cafes. It is unknown why, but they are so poorly worded bill, which effectively outlawed every computer in the state.

Or, a seemingly ridiculous law about how to open doors in the public areas, when you leave the building, doors should open only from itself, and nothing else. Such a law operates in many States and is often mocked as samoborski.

In the same new York it applies, for example, kindergartens. Moreover, the law about what should be doors for this kind of institutions are still registered and size — the opening must be of such size that there has been fire-fighting equipment or it is possible to import and export the gurney in the ambulance. The tragedy has shown that people quickly left the building, if doors have opened outside. And all instructions, as we know, written in someone else’s blood…

Or again, the “ridiculous” law that in stores where alcohol is sold, must be light enough for customers to read. In fact, so lawmakers tried to protect buyers from dishonest sellers who sold fake alcohol. The light in the room was needed then, to be able to read all the licenses of the product, and published the licence in very small print which was difficult to read in low light.

But in Arizona the most fun are probably the two law — you can get 25 years in prison, if you pluck a cactus, and you have no right to hunt camels in the area.

A quarter of a century in prison for some there is sticker? What a stupid law! Actually it’s not just about the cacti, and the plants of rare species saguaro. These giant cacti grow to 15 metres tall and live for over two hundred years. To begin to bear fruit they need to live 75 years. The weight of some of them twice the weight of an elephant. It’s not just the plant, and the pride South America and North America, his image is the emblem of the state of Arizona. These cacti bloom in such large flowers, that in them the birds build their nests. But it’s all indifferent poachers who ruthlessly cut down these rare plants. In Arizona they even began to install sensors that allow us to determine where is the stolen cactus. Again 25 years none of the thieves have not yet received never. Usually it is limited to a fine.

As for camels, which in the wild is not in there, it’s about special animals, which were brought to the state in 1855. The fact that for ten years from 1855 to 1866, the state passed the experiment of the US army. The camels decided to use instead of horses, believing that they are more hardy and better adapted to long journeys in the region. In the end, the experiment intervened in a Civil war and animals sold at auction. The law has lost its significance, but to abolish it did not.

In some States long ago began to use “stupid” laws to attract tourists, for example, in Oregon you can “arrest”, if you eat the local famous chicken wings no hands, and with a fork and knife.

Where else they gradually discontinued. However, to cope with the shaft of information on this subject will not have anything too tempting is the prospect of becoming quoted by the site due to ridiculous absurdities. All you need to do is create the strange law and run it in the network. The public will accept it on hurrah, not doubting the veracity, it’s already proven many times.