People-a record broke 31 the pumpkin to complete your collection of achievements

People-a record broke 31 the pumpkin to complete your collection of achievements

A real master of records from Guinness, Ashrita Furman decided that in honor of Halloween, he needs to set two more records. Further the situation developed on the principle of «the Man decided the man did.» On Monday, the record was broken on 31 pumpkin and caught more than 47 pieces of caramel corn mouth for a minute.

Furman, who lives in Queens, literally smashed the previous record by doubling the number of pumpkins, which he turned into a total mess with the hammer in just 1 minute. The champion is willing to share the secrets of a productivity. To make the pumpkins broke quickly and certainly, it is important to not only make more power, but also to choose the correct angle and point of impact. In addition, the poor vegetables who had to sacrifice themselves in the name of the new record were not just thrown out as useless. Furman said that from the wreckage of pumpkins local chef will prepare delicious pumpkin pies.

Ashrita Furman holds the record for the most Guinness World Records (over 600). His latest feat: Pumpkin smashing

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However, one record of the man is not enough, so he decided to consolidate its success another victory. With the help of his friend, he caught his mouth on the fly 47 pieces of popcorn with caramel, despite the fact that the Goodies threw him from a height of 2 meters. And all this again in a minute. Furman admits that the biggest difficulty was the fact that the popcorn has an irregular shape and that it is quite sticky.

At present, Furman currently has more than 200 entries in the Book of records Guinness, including the record for the number of records contained in this list (pardon the tautology). All records man dedicates latest Indian philosopher and spiritualist Sri Chinmoy. This man is faster than all ran a mile, holding a container of milk on his head, and ahead of all, hire an orange with your nose for a mile in the shortest time.

For 38 years, in total, Furman set of 600 records, and showed unprecedented ingenuity and resourcefulness, because not every head will roll an orange with his nose, or smash a pumpkin with a hammer. But on the other hand, why not?