Trump sells themed caps MAGA for Halloween

Trump sells themed caps MAGA for Halloween

If you haven’t been to a commercial website of a campaign headquarters of President trump, you might miss an unusual offer for Halloween. This bright orange cap with a picture of a Halloween pumpkin on the front and the words «Make America Great Again» in the back. At the moment, hats are sold, their cost was $ 45.

The inscription on the website reads: «the Time to say «trick or treat» and there is nothing sweeter than a hat MAGA!»

Daughter-in-law of President Lara trump tweeted a photo, which on her festive hat MAGA. Under the photo the wife of the eldest son of the President wrote:

«#MakeHalloweenGreatAgain and pre-order your pumpkin hat #MAGA today!».

#MakeHalloweenGreatAgain and order your pumpkin #MAGA hat today! 🎃🇺🇸

— Lara Trump (@LaraLeaTrump) October 23, 2017

Appreciated the idea is not all. In social networks appeared as a playful and rather sharp comments.

It is the right color!! Just needs some yellowish straw hair on top.

— Christy Hurt (@ChurtHurt) October 23, 2017

«The right color! Just not enough yellowish straw hair on top.»

While honest, I’m not sure selling an orange monster hat is the best branding strategy for the Trumps, Lara.

— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) October 23, 2017

«To be honest, I’m not sure selling orange hats-monster is the best branding strategy for Trump, Lara.»

A pumpkin #MAGA hat for a pumpkin-headed president.

— Rachael (@maryploppins613) October 23, 2017

«Pumpkin cap #MAGA for Pumpkinhead President.»


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