Passengers arriving in America, waiting for «the interrogation»

Passengers arriving in America, waiting for «the interrogation»

Today, on Thursday, entered into force a set of new measures of security, which apply to tourists visiting the United States. Thus, the Department of homeland security intends to avoid the ban on the transportation of laptops in hand Luggage, which was presented by the administration of President Donald trump earlier this year. Recall that this requirement forced the passengers flying from the middle East 10 airports in the U.S., to undergo tiresome procedure of verification.

It is expected that the new rules will affect at least 325 000 passengers 2,000 commercial flights daily arriving in the United States. These measures apply to the 180 airlines in USA of the 280 airports in 105 countries.

Passengers arriving in America, waiting for «the interrogation»

Trump canceled the membership of its law in force, giving the airline three monthsto those stepped up their own security procedures. Established by the President’s deadline expires today.
And although most of the details of the innovations is unknown, the news Agency Reuters reports that the passengers should prepare for a short interview at check-in or before boarding on a particular flight. Additional measures can also include verification of personal electronic devices.

More haste, less speed

International airlines have warned passengers that they should arrive at the airport in plenty of time, because the introduction of new measures could mean delays and queues. Lufthansa, the largest European carrier flying in the United States, urged travelers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure time of aircraft, and other international carriers have offered to provide for completion of all procedures at least 2 hours.

The tightening of safety rules will affect not only those who arrive in the United States from abroad, but also passengers of domestic flights. The biggest change for them is that now they have to remove all the electronics that are larger than a mobile phone, of hand Luggage in the Luggage or put it in a separate tray before continuing the screening procedure.

All of these requirements are intended to ensure global security, by facilitating the detection of explosives, which often hide in electronics, and to prevent bombs on Board the aircraft.