The actress has accused Bush senior of harassment

The actress has accused Bush senior of harassment

Former President George H. W. Bush apologized after actress Heather Lind accused him of sexual harassment that happened 4 years ago.

About the incident, Lind said in his Instagram. Later the post was deleted, but a screenshot remains.

The actress has accused Bush senior of harassment

«I met with George H. W. Bush four years ago, engaged in the promotion of historical television series, which worked. When I posed for a photo, he shook my hand. He sat in a wheelchair, touched my back, and stood next to his wife, Barbara! It is dirty joke», wrote Lind.

The actress playing the lead role in the TV series «Turn: Washington’s Spies» added that the former President then touched her again. «Barbara Bush rolled his eyes, as if to say: here we go again…».

Lind also noted that distressed her the photograph of Barack Obama shaking hands with George Bush the elder during a charity concert to raise funds for the victims of the hurricanes. «Thank you President Obama for what he is, for the sake of our country, has had the deference to George Bush, but I have to this man of no respect».

The actress has accused Bush senior of harassment

Press Secretary of the former President apologized, saying that Bush did not have malicious intent. «President Bush, under any circumstances, would not cause someone harm intentionally. He sends his sincere apologies, if his attempt at humor offended miss Lind,» said representative George H. W. Bush.

Your post Lind wrote with the viral hashtag #metoo, which is used to share stories of the experience of sexual violence. Many commentators did not share the indignation of the actress, writes The Daily Mail.

«Why didn’t you tell four years ago?».

«If you think your post will help women who beat up men, rape victims and children who are tortured by their guardians, you are wrong. It downplays their suffering. It is not courage, this desire to join the popular trends in networking».

«He was 89 years old, he has dementia and Parkinson’s disease. You have not been sexually abused. <…> I never voted for Bush or any other Republican, but it’s just wrong.»

Recently, 38 women have accused Director James Tabaka of harassment.