In metro new York will disappear alcohol advertising

In metro new York will disappear alcohol advertising

The MTA yesterday, October 25, voted to ban alcohol advertising in metro new York and suburban trains, which are operated by the company.

Prior to the expiration of the contracts, the ads will remain, but from January 1, 2018 it will be removed. This decision will cost the MTA more than 2.5 million dollars that the company received as income from advertising. But for public organizations, which have tried for years to achieve such a ban, this is a major victory.
«Alcohol advertising is a big problem,» he told NBC New York Dahlia Goldenberg of «Building Alcohol Ad-Free Transit». «Because of the alcohol, there are fights, early pregnancies, suicides and so forth.»

In metro new York will disappear alcohol advertising

Upheld the decision of the MTA and some members of the city Council. «25 years ago, the company has already banned the advertising of cigarettes, and now, finally, she took the next step. And alcohol brands advertised on routes which are very popular among young people,» said Councilman Robert Carnegie.

Some passengers just shrugged their shoulders when hearing about a ban. «I think it’s stupid,» said Malcolm king, a resident of Staten island. «To remove the posters, thinking that will stop teenage alcoholism… Naive.»
MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota said the money, which will lose the company, she will be able to return only a couple of years. But, according to Lhote, the best way to get new investors is to rectify the situation with the trains.
«If metro would be better, then more people will want to place here your ads,» said Lhota.

Note that some trains Metro-North line in new haven will be exempt from the ban because they belong to Connecticut.


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