Legoland theme Park opens in new York

Legoland theme Park opens in new York

New York may soon have another place where boys, girls and their parents can spend an unforgettable day.

The state government announced Wednesday that a theme Park Legoland cost $350 million will appear in the town of Goshen in orange County, located approximately 60 miles from new York. The Park is designed to transform the Hudson valley into a landmark tourist center of the state.

Legoland theme Park opens in new York

According to official data, the construction of the Park will be occupied by Merlin Entertainments, and the official opening of the attractions planned for 2020.

Theme Park stretched on the area of 170 acres. There will be an educational and entertaining program for children aged two to ten years with the characters of Lego. The state government intends to allocate $ 18 million to build the Park and to build the infrastructure outside of the site and road improvements.

However, on the way to the opening of the Park will have to go a thorny path, solving legal issues and overcoming the dissatisfaction of local residents of the town, who fear that the opening of this tourist facility will lead to the deterioration of the situation on the roads and the emergence of environmental problems.

Opponents of the building are trying to achieve bringing the matter to public referendum. They believe that all residents should Express their opinion in making the decision to sell the land area of 9 acres the company Merlin Entertainments for the beginning of the project. In this guide, Merlin declares that the construction of the Park would bring only benefit to the local society.