With a fake smile and a hamburger in the armpit or octocoralia the American way

With a fake smile and a hamburger in the armpit or octocoralia the American way

The stories that Americans are stupid, fat and eat only hamburgers have become a byword. But whether such talk warranted? What does this account of statistics? Who agree, for example, with the assertion on the completeness of the American nation, I’ll say — what in the world United States in the number of people with obesity? And why this nation wrote in the most stupid? The country-leader in innovation, number of patents issued per year, and the leader in number of winners of the Nobel prize? Not trivial if it is envy?


In my own experience I know when foreigners ask me whether in Russia bears walk the streets, do all Russians drink vodka and do we wear hats with stars on the forehead (i.e., the hat), this is often not surprising, but annoying. In fairness — about the same bears I hear from Americans in the tens if not hundreds of times less than that of immigrants from the former Soviet Union that all Americans are fat hamburger in the US, the main food, and American school education is worse than the Soviet.

I decided to make out the bones the three most popular statements about Americans.

  • Completeness
  • Stupidity
  • The scarcity of American cuisine

With a fake smile and a hamburger in the armpit or octocoralia the American way
Americans are the thickest people in the world.

Alas, but this statement does not agree even the who (world Health Organization). Moreover, according to this organization, the US is not even in the top ten countries where obesity is a problem. The leaders, for example, the countries of the Pacific Islands. Currently the U.S. that sad list in 11th place, and last year was 12. Yes, the problem in the country is, however, to be fair, Americans are far ahead of the rest when talking about excessive weight.

Palm today keeps Kuwait. Here, however, was not without accusations against the United States, they say, from there to Kuwait came to fast food, which led to alarmingly high rates of obesity in the population. Although, to be fair, to blame have changed the welfare of citizens. It has improved considerably since then, as the country is flooded with money from the sale of oil. Well, followed the flow of the very American food. Almost 43% of the population have problems with weight, about 13% suffer from obesity. Doctors Kuwait kidding — at first we borrowed the American idea of fast food, and then the idea to reduce the stomach. Today in a country with a population of about three million people during the year shall be held not less than five thousand, the operation of the installation in the stomachs of special cylinders, which do not allow you to eat as much as a person wants.

In second place Saudi Arabia, there are problems with the weight of 35.2% of the population. And the problems in the country was ten years ago. But how often do you see in the media notes from the series: “In Saudi Arabia, home to the most thick people in the world?”, but about the USA they are printed continually and precisely under such headings. More than a third of Saudi Arabian women have problems with excess weight. In the country increasing rapidly the number of patients with type II diabetes. However, the press somehow concerned about health and appearance Americans alone.

Next comes the Belize 34.9%. A tiny country in Central America where I love to relax US citizens. Incidentally, in this region the problem of obesity is acute and in Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, and many other tiny countries States.

Then Egypt — 34,6%. In this country the highest incidence of diabetes in the world.

Then Jordan 34.35.

Then UAE and 33.7%.

Then South Africa 33.5%.

Then the richest country in the world Qatar 33.1%.

It is followed by Mexico with 32.8%. By the way, our neighbors think the problem of obesity a national issue and are actively struggling with this. For example, when recent studies have shown that Mexico is the world’s largest consumer of Coca-Cola, the government immediately announced an additional tax on this drink, making it more expensive.

The obesity rates grow in wealthy countries in South America such as Chile and Argentina. Problems of this kind there are in Bahrain, Libya, Syria, New Zealand and Slovenia.

And, of course, in the US, where full of people the national average of 31.8%. And statistics are very different from state to state.

For example, most overweight people in Arkansas. Followed by Mississippi and West Virginia. In the States of new York and California the percentage of those who have problems with weight lower than the average for Russia. About the same as in Russia, he is in Florida. So I was very surprised by the revelation of the tourists from Russia, which in 90% of cases visit just three of the specified state, and then often say that the US has a lot full of people. Well if such conclusions were made after a trip to Arkansas. But how can you make such a conclusion after visiting such as the Big Apple, where the problem of obesity is not so acute as in Russia?

This question leads to one General — why the Americans raise more questions about completeness? Most likely, this country is isolated for one simple reason — it has a higher standard of living than any other country with the same problems. Even Qatar, with its money is not such good medicine, if we talk about technology. Moreover, as any Arab country, Qatar has historically justified reason — for a long time then fullness was considered a sign of wealth and power.

Today the United States is not just a very rich and very powerful country, a country worker, but because she can’t be so backward when it comes to the health of its population. To increased demands, and probably rightly.

With a fake smile and a hamburger in the armpit or octocoralia the American way

Americans are the most stupid.

Not going to talk about the number of Nobel prizes, which were won by U.S. citizens. These data can be easily found on the Internet. Let me just say that the number of Nobel prizes the us can compete with all the countries of Europe combined. And no, these awards have not been removed foreign scientists — from 75 to 80% of the American winners the Americans are not even in the second generation.

But let’s talk about the “worst in the world,” school education. In the United States learn profile, then welcome and highly specialized person trained to be a Pro in the business, and all that is beyond their knowledge is a personal matter: do you want to read and learn, and do not want and need. That is why American children are ten years of age can choose the items that they want to give the greatest preference. What to say then about high school, where everyone already knows if not the future of the profession, the area in which you want to develop further. It turns out — someone takes advanced math, and someone takes it the bare minimum, but presses on chemistry and biology. What does this statistic for example at international competitions. Let’s look at three subject — science (biology and chemistry), physics and mathematics.

Not later, on 24 July 2017 American students ranked eighth out of 88 possible at the international physics Olympiad, which this time took place in Indonesia. The competition already lasted 9 days. In the end of the five gold medals, the U.S. took three gold and two silver. China, Korea, Russia and Singapore won five gold.

The year before the Americans took fifth and seventh places in the same Olympics, earning two gold medals and three silver. Team USA at least is in the top ten in the world. But it includes children from different parts of the country, different schools — often ordinary city and even small towns.

How formed by a group of students who then represent the country at the Olympics in physics? Application for participation can submit absolutely any on a special website. The only condition — the participant must be a U.S. citizen and study at the high school. First, the child passes the pre-selection, with participants warned — even if you have received a gold medal at the preliminary competition, it does not guarantee that you will be included in the team and Vice versa — even if you have not received a gold medal at the qualifying rounds, you can be taken. The Commission evaluates not only the correct answer, but the elegance of the solution. This again means one thing — nobody gives children goals to win the Olympics, the purpose is much more serious — to identify talents and help them in their development.

Prepare students to compete in a special camp in San Diego, California. There is a camp for those who will participate in the international Olympiad in biology and chemistry.

Only in the last seven years (in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017) team USA of biology and chemistry was the best in the world. In 2017, the American team won all four gold medals. Since 2002, the country has a specific training program to those students who after graduation want to connect my life with these Sciences. More information can be found on the website

In General, there is nothing to worry about.

Or the Queen of Sciences — mathematics. To be honest the quality of teaching of this subject often does not suit parents — immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

What are the statistics:

  • in 2015, the Americans again at the international Olympiad won first place.
  • in 2016, the team States again won the 57th international mathematical Olympiad, scoring 214 points out of a possible 252. Followed by South Korea (207), followed by China (204), in the top ten included Russia, scoring 165 points
  • In 2017 the Americans won three gold and three silver medals out of six , entered the top five.

The results at the international mathematical Olympiad right up to 1974 can be seen at this link. Check for yourself that twenty years ago the Americans fought. Singapore became leaders recently, like China. Do not forget that teaching methods in American schools is much milder than in the same China. American students are not forced, they are encouraged and praised. Losing the Olympics to them does not mean the end of life.

With a fake smile and a hamburger in the armpit or octocoralia the American way

The ill-fated hamburger

I don’t know how many claims to this dish and why they do not make a normal hamburger with all the trimmings. After all, the Americans did not invent the wheel, they are just the same Patty put in between two buns to make it easier to eat. Did they give this whole world? Yes. Sell it in the US a record number of hamburgers a year? Yes, about 50 billion Can to eat it all residents of the United States? No, they generously share these with foreign tourists, which in the coming year about a hundred million.

Since then, Americans have learned to build out of burgers, bread, sauce and herbs with vegetables appetizing pile, over a hundred years. During this time they learned to do a variety of types of burgers from vegetarian to fish, tofu, Screaming that the food is unhealthy, by the way, was first heard again in the United States. That is why in the early 30-ies of the last famous American biochemist and physiologist, Jesse F. McClendon conducted an experiment: one of his students during the thirteen weeks eating nothing but hamburgers and water. And the experiment, and the future life of this student, proved that such a diet does not affect human health. Moreover, it is acceptable for the normal functioning of the body. And why not? After all, it’s plain meat, greens and bread.

The appearance of the Burger had no impact on American cuisine, which impresses with its diversity. After all the recipes of this cuisine was influenced by the national cuisines of the first settlers. The result is a searing mix of English, Spanish, French, German, Indian, Chinese, African and so on. dishes. Add to that the difference in climate in cold Alaska don’t cook as hot in Florida, don’t forget that the US is at a premium seafood, please note that there hold sacred religious holidays, and with them the special holiday recipes… Food in the USA is as different as it is delicious and varied, and it deserves a separate discussion.