Missing new Yorker found alive 42 years later

Missing new Yorker found alive 42 years later

Militiamen managed to find a live resident of Sullivan County, new York, missing 42 years ago. 78-year-old flora Stevens lives under a different name in Massachusetts, and once came looking for her relatives had already died.

In August 1975, when the woman was 36 years, husband brought her to the doctor in a hospital in Monticello, new York. When he arrived his wife some time later, she was in a medical facility. Since then, the police unsuccessfully tried to find the missing woman, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Missing new Yorker found alive 42 years later

And so, in the course of the investigation another deaf business, Stevens accidentally found in the city of Lowell, near Boston. It could be identified by their social security number.

In September the investigator of the police of new York have requested information about Flora Stevens at the Sheriff’s office Sullivan County. It turned out that in the next County discovered the unidentified remains descriptions similar to the missing woman. When detectives began to search for information in the database, they found out that someone is using your social security number Stevens.

Newly discovered data led them in a nursing home Lowell, where Stevens lived since 2001. As it turned out, she changed her last name to Harris.

Detectives failed to find out what happened to the woman after she disappeared — at the moment she is suffering from dementia and can not tell the details of your life.

However militiamen all the same satisfied with the work done — not too often able to close a case like this 42-year-old.