The Kennedy assassination: 5 key facts from declassified documents

The Kennedy assassination: 5 key facts from declassified documents

The night before the national archive of the United States has published thousands of previously classified documentsrelated to the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In 1992, Congress classified documents 25 years, and this period has expired. Over 3100 documents contain photographs, notes, interrogation reports, and more.

The Kennedy assassination: 5 key facts from declassified documents

These revelations in files not yet found, but it is expected that they will shed a little light on what really happened in Dallas in 1963. Here are five most interesting facts disclosed «JFK files.»

A mysterious phone call in Britain

25 minutes before the assassination of the President, senior reporter for the Cambridge News received an anonymous phone call. The caller said to the journalist quickly contacted the American Embassy in London, where he was waiting for «big news».

After the shooting in Dallas, the reporter went to the police, and she told British intelligence. The declassified documents is information about this from the CIA station chief in London, but the identity of the caller remained a mystery.

«The Vietnamese response»

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Former CIA Director, Richard Helms in 1975 declared in Langley, Virginia, that the death of Kennedy – «the answer» to the murder of Vietnamese President NGO Dinh Diem.
The President of South Vietnam, NGO Siem was shot dead during a military coup, allegedly happened with the support of the CIA. This happened a few weeks before the Kennedy assassination.

The CIA wanted to hire a gangster to murder Castro

In the 83-page FBI report in 1975 stated that the CIA hired a mediator, so he contacted a member of the mafia Sam Giancanas. Giancana had to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro for 150 thousand dollars.

This was stated by Robert Kennedy, noting that the CIA should never involve the mafia without prior consultation with the Ministry of justice, because later these people will be difficult to prosecute.

The Reaction Of The Soviet Union

The note of the former Director of the FBI J. J. Edgar Hoover cited the attention of intelligence agent about the reaction to the Kennedy assassination to the USSR.

Scout claims that the Soviets «are shocked by the news of the death of Kennedy in memory of President bell tolls».

In the opinion of the agent, the Soviet leadership suggested that the United States was a right-wing coup. Immediately received an order to gather information about Vice-President Lyndon Johnson.

The murder of the murderer

History of photography: police mugshot of Lee Harvey Oswald, taken the day before he was shot by Jack Ruby.

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FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in his report of November 24, 1963, noted that the day before the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald to the FBI office in Dallas called the man. The caller «calm voice» said that he is a member of the Committee that was created to kill Oswald.

Hoover writes that it was the killer killer Jack ruby, which does not deny the fact of the call. We will remind, during a transfer from police headquarters to the County jail Oswald was shot. The FBI Director also expressed concern that the public doubts the guilt of Oswald, as there is all the evidence.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy Assassination. 22 November 1961.

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