Williamsburg Bridge can rename

Williamsburg Bridge can rename

Williamsburg Bridge is one of many architectural gems in new York. At the time of its completion in 1903 it was considered the largest suspension bridge on the planet. Since then he has become a vital element of the transport infrastructure of the city, uniting new York and Brooklyn, in whose honor the bridge was named. However, after 114 years after its opening, the Williamsburg Bridge can be renamed to the bridge Sonny Rollins.

Here it is fair to ask, who is this Sonny Rollins, and why it can be so honored. About it can tell a new Yorker named Jeff Caltabiano that since last spring is waging a campaign to rename the bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge can rename

The activist said that Rollins was one of the most influential saxophonists of the twentieth century. In 1959, at the height of his career, the musician has lived in the Lower East side. So as not to disturb his neighbors, he went for a walk on the Williamsburg Bridge, where he also practiced playing the saxophone. This walk quickly turned into a habit. Rollins played on the bridge for 2 years, very quickly became a kind of living landmark and entered into the annals of urban history.

The renaming campaign has attracted the attention of city officials. Stephen Levin, city Council member, promised to raise the matter at a meeting. Newspaper Bowery Boogie reports that the renaming is supported by the head of Brooklyn, Eric Adams.

The authorities approved the proposal, it will need a much larger number of supporters and public support, however, now that at least two lawyers called for the assignment of the bridge’s new name , the rename seems much more real than a few months ago, when the initiative seemed a mere dream of jazz aficionado.


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