Poll| How to relate to the Tramp in other countries?

Poll| How to relate to the Tramp in other countries?

Despite the fact that Donald trump is the presidency less than a year, his stay in power has managed to exert a great influence on the perception of the United States rest of the world. Many of his key political positions lend themselves to criticism not only within the country but throughout the world. Largely for this reason the ratings of the United States in the world fell sharply.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that of the 37 countries studied, only 22% of the population believes that trump is able to make the right decisions when it comes to international issues. The result openly discordant with ratings of President Obama, who was considered a strong leader, building a good future for the country, 64% of people worldwide. By the way, the researchers found dependency: the rating depends on evaluation of the activities of its President. The sharp jump in the recognition of States in the international arena was noted after the administration of President George W. Bush administration Barack Obama. Now the situation repeats itself exactly the opposite.

Poll| How to relate to the Tramp in other countries?

Especially revealing are the results of the survey in the countries of speakers, at least until recently, close allies of the United States – Canada, Mexico, and the countries of Asia and Europe.

At the same time, the ratings of trump in countries such as Israel and Russia, is still high. Moreover, in Russia, the ratings of trump is higher than any of his predecessors. And, what is most interesting – after the commencement of proceedings on the case of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election of 2016, trump’s ratings have increased even more.

If you go through the key political objectives trump, the situation is so. In the matter of the construction of a wall with Mexico from 37 countries do not support such a decision, 76% of respondents. Of course, the highest level of negative reaction to the project is celebrated in Mexico – 94% disagree. Most support the initiative has received among Jordanians (44%) and Israelis (42%).

Similar levels of global opposition can be observed in the policy of trump, regarding the US withdrawal from international trade agreements (72% of the respondents in the 37 countries do not approve of this decision) and agreements about climate change (32 out of 37 countries the vast majority of the population do not approve of the refusal of the Paris climate agreement). The majority of respondents also disapprove of the efforts of the new administration to limit entry into the U.S. residents of Muslim countries (on a global scale, 62% of people do not approve of this, although 63% of Israelis and 53% of Russians support the input measure).

This initiative trump, as alleged withdrawal from the agreement on nuclear weapons with Iran meets less opposition than his other policy initiatives, but even here the number of those who negatively assesses the idea significantly more than those who are «for».

I wonder what people around the world, appreciating the US President, not least talking about the negative sides of his character, calling him arrogant (75%), intolerant (65%) and even threat (62%). Among the most important positive characteristics people are strong leadership qualities trump. A much smaller number of respondents believes that he is charismatic, experienced and cares about ordinary people.

It is also interesting that according to the Pew Research Center, the foreign policy decisions of Donald trump and his actions concerning the solution of international issues are evaluated negatively 74%-mi the world’s population and is the lowest level of trust in the international arena among the most influential world leaders of our time. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin, the world community evaluates more positively — only 59% of the population believe his decision, the suspension of international issues, incorrect.

 Poll| How to relate to the Tramp in other countries?