Discusses Moana’s costume on Halloween is a manifestation of racism?

Discusses Moana’s costume on Halloween is a manifestation of racism?

According to Sati Faris, an activist and blogger from Brooklyn, children dressed as Moana from the acclaimed disney animated film of last year – racists. Also disrespectful to other races show all children choose to wear for Halloween costume Queen Elsa from another cash of the cartoon «the Cold heart».

The author of the blog «Education race conscious children,» urges parents not to dress their children as characters having a different nationality or race, because they consider such behavior «cultural appropriation» and a gross parody of a foreign culture.

Moana, strong willed Princess of one of the island tribes of Polynesia, and quickly fell in love with the girls of different ages, becoming a good role model, however, Sati Faris believes that Halloween costume, echoing the character is a parody on the culture of the real people. A woman writes that after the serious conversation on this subject her own daughter decided to choose for going for sweets a Mickey mouse costume.

The concept of cultural appropriation has been discussed widely in recent years. Within this idea of white Westerners call the fear of borrowing from other cultures, for example, wearing a sombrero or a traditional clothing of native Americans.

Discusses Moana’s costume on Halloween is a manifestation of racism?source: flickr/cc/ Jorge Figueroa

Queen Elsa, another idol of the little daughter of a blogger who also did not find approval from Ms. Faris because she is «white». The activist believes that this character alludes to the fact that you have to look a certain wayto be «beautiful».

However, this view clearly contradicts his own logic of the author. She says you can’t dress up in a costume of a character from another race or culture, as it is a manifestation of racism. But in the costume of a character of their own race children are unable to change, because it promotes white supremacy. Does not it remind something of a vicious circle?

The article caused quite a stir among the Internet community, and every supporter of thought Faris was at least one enemy, which openly declare that it is absurd to ignore the racism in Halloween costumes. One of the writers of the National Review writes the following: «Do you have to be a native of Transylvania to dress up like Dracula? Or you need to be Egyptian to dress as a mummy? Or ghosts unable to reincarnate dead people?».

Other parents say that if a girl wants to be Maanoi, let it be. Children are children, and they don’t see any racism in his favorite holiday. For others, such restrictions only turns kids into racists, because they are from an early age begin to shun other cultures, as something unacceptable to them.