82-year-old man became the oldest man to have conquered the Appalachian

82-year-old man became the oldest man to have conquered the Appalachian

Pass the Appalachian trail is 2200 miles is not an easy feat for a person of any age, but 82-year-old Dale Sanders was 100% sure that I will be able to conquer it.

Despite criticism in his direction, he was not afraid to face the wild in March 2016 has started its journey in the Appalachian mountains.

In August, the journey of the Sanders was on the verge of the discovery of internal bleeding. The doctors gave the man the diagnosis of ruptured hemorrhoids. Then Sanders could no longer continue their journey and went home to Tennessee.

Daredevil has admitted that this episode, for a time deprived him of confidence, but a friend convinced him to return back to the path.

Your last step along the planned route Sanders did on October 26. This moment became for him a landmark, because he was able to overcome himself and to the title of the most elderly traveler, who conquered the Appalachian mountains.

«Now I am in a daze. It really is a euphoric experience, – shared his impressions of Sanders with the magazine Outside. – I am grateful for the people who helped me. I would certainly not have been in this place, if not for all who supported me on this path».

Affectionately named Greybeard (luminary, elder), Sanders broke the record Lee Barrywho finished his campaign at the age of 81 in 2004.

It is interesting that Sanders is older than most trails in the Appalachian mountains, which was officially opened in 1937.

As it became known, Sanders is the second time it becomes «first»: in 1959 he broke the record for breath holding under water.

Just hiked the last mile of the Appalachian Trail in Harpers Ferry alongside the oldest man to ever complete the trip. Dale “Greybeard” Sanders sets the record today at the age of 82. Story to come!

Posted by Valerie Bonk — Journalist on Thursday, October 26, 2017