Barack Obama is sworn in court in Illinois

Barack Obama is sworn in court in Illinois

Barack Obama invited to new position he will be sworn in cook County, Illinois.

According to senior district judge Tim Evans, the ex-President will begin his duties in November. He will be able to participate in administrative and criminal proceedings.

Barack Obama is sworn in court in Illinois

Living in Washington, DC, the 44th President has the right to work in court of Illinois, as has the local real estate and registered in the state to vote in the elections.

As a graduate of the law Department of Harvard University and having eight years of experience at the highest state post, Obama is more than worthy candidate for the position of juror.

Evans said that at the hearings with the outstanding employee will have a high level of security. The judge added that the position of juror is highly regarded among the public despite the low pay — $17.2 in the day.

Probably the former commander in chief will become the most prominent figure, serving in the court of cook County, although it is relevant work performed by other politicians and celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Ti.