Actor Kevin spacey made coming out after allegations of child sexual abuse

Actor Kevin spacey made coming out after allegations of child sexual abuse

Oscar-winning actor Kevin spacey, best known for the TV series «house of cards», apologized to the actor Anthony RAPP after he accused him of sexual harassment 30 years ago. Then 58-year-old star confessed his homosexual.

Hollywood scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein, has become for many a demonstration and encouraged to disclose a secret that was kept for decades. For example, Ben Affleck an recalled the inappropriate actions towards young actress Hilary Burton 14 years ago.

The other day revealed yet another behind-the-scenes details of life in the dream factory. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the star of the TV series «Star trek: discovery» Anthony RAPP publicly stated that Kevin spacey molested him during a party in 1986. At that time RAPP was only 14 years old, and spacey – 26.

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RAPP said that they met at a Broadway showin which both participated. Spacey invited the teenager to his apartment for a party. The incident occurred at the end of the evening, when the actor took RAPP’s hands, laid on my bed and lay on top of him.

«He was trying to seduce me… I knew that he wanted to bond with me sexually,» he admitted.

For many years, the RAPP, who is now 46 years old, never told anyone about this experience, and since then has not talked to spacey. He said that his confession does not want to evoke pity. He intends to emphasize once again that such cases did not stop, «because many people, including me, was silent.»

According to the BBC, officials accused the actor has not responded to numerous phone calls and emails. However, after the story received wide attention, on his personal page in Twitter spacey posted a post dedicated to RAPP.

Winner of two Oscars admitted that he doesn’t remember the incident. «But if I did so, as he (RAPP) describes, I must sincerely apologize for my extremely inappropriate drunken behavior,» said spacey.

— Kevin Spacey (@KevinSpacey) October 30, 2017

In the second part of the complaint, spacey opened the light on his personal life, which tried to hide. The actor said that he had relations with both men and women, but now he has stopped the choice on the representatives of the stronger sex.

«I want to deal with it honestly and openly – it will help me to rethink my behavior,» concluded his statement spacey.

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