77-year-old ladies ‘ man was trying to strangle the 23-year-old passion

77-year-old ladies ‘ man was trying to strangle the 23-year-old passion

Love all ages, and no one is surprised that hope of finding your other half resides in the soul as the holders of a «youthful, virgin hearts» and people with «extensive experience», fit the first grandparents.

Today they appeal to all sorts of Dating sites, which act as beacons, shedding rays of light in the dark ocean of lonely hearts. To register your profile on one of them, namely Plenty Of Fish, decided 77-year-old Alan Schmitt from Virginia.

77-year-old ladies ‘ man was trying to strangle the 23-year-old passion

However, the filling profile of older seeker amorous adventures of a cunning trick a little, indicating that he is much younger than really are. Soon Alan met 23-year-old girlliving in a nearby town.

To get to it in Newport news from colonial beach, for Schmitt it took two hours to go by car. But when she found that her new friend wasn’t the man he claimed to be, she declared to Alan about his disinterest in such relationships.

However, she suggested to remain friends. Soon they went to the Mall where Schmidt has demonstrated his generosity by buying a new friend the gift shop Victoria’s Secret PINK. The total amount of purchases amounted to more than $400.

Around 22:00, when the meeting was coming to an end, an elderly gentleman volunteered to throw his young friend home. Schmitt suddenly changed his tone and demanded that the girl returned to him all the bought clothes including a shirt, which at that moment was her.

Having been refused, he grabbed her by the neck, pushed to the ground and he got on, continuing to strangle her. This story belongs to the girl. She shared this information with the police soon arrived on the scene. The victim’s neck was bleeding from numerous scratches.

However, Alan told the guards of an order slightly different story in which victim was he. According to Schmitt, when he asked the woman to return the clothes between them to start a fight. The young lady pushed him and was hit in the face, causing him to lost balance and not to fall, grabbed her neck.

But after talking with a neighbor girl who called the police, it turned out that the version of the 77-year-old man, apparently, is a lie. The woman confirmed that he saw Alan used force first.

Schmitt was taken to the police station, presenting the accusation of violence, which has led to the victim’s wounds. The court hearing on his case scheduled for 14 November.