Skimmers attack: how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud with ATMs

Skimmers attack: how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud with ATMs

Summer is not only vacation time, but «hot time» for swindlers of all stripes. One of the most common ways of fraud with Bank cards remains a skimming – a method to read information from Bank cards.

So, in 2015, the American law enforcement authorities managed to arrest the scammer from Romania – Ilie, Sicario. Together with an accomplice he left without the money of the customers of three us banks in the state of new York, having stolen by using skimming more than 127 thousand dollars, — told the FBI.

How it works:

To use the card, the fraudsters need to copy two things: the magnetic stripe on the card and the PIN. To do this, they have in the Arsenal the two devices. First, the «skimmer», it is attached to kartrider the ATM reads information on the magnetic strip. In order to know the pin code, use hidden cameras or false keyboards. After that, the fraudsters either make a duplicate card, or stealing money through the Internet – because they have all the information that allows, for example, transfer money from account to account. By the way, cheat money is usually the night that the victim did not have time to block the card.

Some skimmers work with Bluetooth, so the criminals can remotely access the information without going back to the ATM to pick up the device.

«The money stolen from the account, the fraudsters can not just spend – they can bring on the account as a funding source for international criminal activity,» said FBI special agent Paul of Scozzarella.

Law enforcement agencies are constantly working to detect skimmers, but there are a few simple rules which you will not become a victim of fraud without the help of the police.

5 main rules, how to protect your card from fraud

1. Possible, use ATMs installed in Bank branches, not lonely standing ATMs. The banking terminals, tougher inspection system, next is security, therefore attackers are usually not fastened there skimmers and prefer places like gas stations.

2. Gender of Scozzarella says: do not use the ATM if the receiver of the card looks unusual. Feel free to explore the surface of the keyboard on the ATM. Usually the fake keep bad.

3. To read information from cards in the café or the shop (although this happens much less often). So be sure to ask for operations with the card only in your presence.

4. Cover the palm of the keyboard. It will not allow the video camera scams to lock the combination of your pin.

5. If you got the cash machine, on which you found a skimmer, don’t try to detach yourself, do not draw attention to himself. Stay away from the ATM and call the Bank to which it belongs. If you notice a skimmer after I inserted the card, leave it in the ATM. Call your Bank, block the card and describe the situation.