The transportation system of new York named best in U.S.

The transportation system of new York named best in U.S.

Very surprising results shown by the study conducted by the urban development company Arcadis. New Yorkers, accustomed to constant traffic jams and multiple delays of trains in the subway, just surprised that the transport system of the Big Apple was recognized as the best in the United States. Moreover, internationally, the quality and efficiency of transport infrastructure new York was ranked 23rd.

From these findings? What makes new York’s transport system the best in the US?

The transportation system of new York named best in U.S.

The big advantage went to the town with 24-hour operation of the subway. In addition, noted in the study, at the time of the repair work in connection with the closing of several stations – non-stop action with a line. Another important factor, speaking in favor of the Big Apple, was the length of subway lines connecting new York with long island and new Jersey.

In fairness it should be noted that deficiencies in the transport system were discovered. First of all, the duration of implementation of projects to expand transport infrastructure. The rapidly increasing population of the city, limited space and wear of the individual elements – the main problems of transport in new York.

Even successful projects, such as, for example, Second Avenue Subway, do not solve the problem at its root. Constant attention to the updated design, attracting private financing and implementation of technologies vital to the future of the transportation system of new York, said the study.


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