Experts doubt the veracity of the stories rescued in the Pacific women

Experts doubt the veracity of the stories rescued in the Pacific women

The U.S. coast guard announced yesterday, 30 October, two women from Hawaiiwho drifted in the Pacific ocean, was the emergency beacon aboard, but it is not activated.

We will remind, military-the U.S. Navy rescued two women and their dogs after they spent in the open waters of the Pacific ocean more than five months. 3 may American Jennifer Appel and Tasha of Fujaba went on a voyage from Honolulu on the island of Tahiti. At the end of the month they were caught in a storm, in which the engine of their yacht «Sea nymph» is out of order.

Experts doubt the veracity of the stories rescued in the Pacific women

The representative of a coast guard Lieutenant Scott Carr told the Associated Pressthat after the survey the vessel was found a radar beacon for emergency (EPIRB), but he was never involved.
Strange, but this light women are not mentioned, but only on the radio signals, which the other did not hear. The same beacon device communicates with satellites and sends a distress signal to the shore for several minutes after activation. It can be activated manually, and automatically turns on the light if immersed in water.

«We asked why they did not activate the beacon, and Jennifer Appel stated that they did not feel what is truly in mortal danger,» — said the press Secretary of the Coast guard Tara MOLLE.

Lieutenant Scott Carr added that in June, near Tahiti, the coast guard established contact with the vessel, which is called itself the «Sea nymph», but the captain of the «Nymphs» stated that they’re fine and will arrive on the island the next morning. It happened after the yacht, according to the woman, engine failure and broke the mast.

Philip Johnson, a retired coast guard officer who spent dozens of search and rescue operations, said that if women used the EPIRB, then they would be quickly found. These trackers make it very durable, they can withstand a sudden drop in the ocean. Cases of failures are rare.

«There’s something so,» said Johnson. «Never heard of that refused all emergency devices at the same time».


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