In Ohio a curious deer stuck in Halloween pumpkin

In Ohio a curious deer stuck in Halloween pumpkin

How are you preparing for today’s holiday?

Residents of Anderson Township, Ohio, for example, has spent most of his weekend trying to track down and help a deerstuck in plastic pumpkin. Young deer stuck his nose into the hole, and to pull could not.

«A couple of days I received a few calls about that around running deer with pumpkin on head», — told the channel the wcpo-Cincinnati Daryl Marranca, owner of the Center for Pets in Anderson Township.

He informed residents that the rescue attempt of the animal can be dangerous, but neighbors were determined. For hours they drove and walked in the surrounding hills and wooded area of Sherwood forest to find the victim «Bambi».

And in the end their efforts were crowned with success. Residents were able to surround the deer so tightly that he had no other choice but to try to break through the human ring. Then the son of Daryl, Aaron Marranca, removed with animal faces pumpkin. The rescue team tells that the deer ran to the Creekto drink water.