Senator Bernie Sanders supported the «tax for the rich» after he visited the new York subway

Senator Bernie Sanders supported the «tax for the rich» after he visited the new York subway

Monday, October 30, Senator from Vermont and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and new York mayor bill de Blasio felt the usual inhabitants of the city, reaching the destination on the underground transport.

Officials went to the subway at Penn station around 11 PM. Along with new Yorkers waiting for a train for ten minutes. Sanders drew the attention of the mayor for the long waiting period and advised to correct this defect.

Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders got the full subway experience, complete with a packed train and a 10-minute delay

— NYT Metro (@NYTMetro) October 31, 2017

After a trip to the downtrodden subway Sanders and de Blasio came to the station from Fulton Street in Manhattan, where they had organized a press conference.

«When you ride the subway, you should feel comfortable. You have to go to the car, where you can sit down, and should also be able to track the movement of the train,» Sanders shared their experiences.

According to Reuters, one of the most popular politicians in the country, endorsed the mayor’s idea on taxing the income of people earning over 500 thousand dollars a year. This reform could bring the city about $ 700 million.

Answering the question about the differences of the mayor and Governor Andrew Cuomo on funding the MTA, Sanders said that the new tax does not mean that he «takes sides».

We will remind, the independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has lost to Hillary Clinton during the voting for the candidature on presidential elections of the Democratic party. However, he remains an influential representative of the democratic forces and has repeatedly topped polls as the most popular politician in the country.