Saipov want to interrogate without a lawyer present

Saipov want to interrogate without a lawyer present

Saifulla Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, who is suspected of killing eight people in new York city, spent weeks planning my attack.

On this day, 1 November, said the investigators, Reuters reports.

Saipov want to interrogate without a lawyer present

«It seems that Saipov had planned the attack for several weeks,» — said at a press conference Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD John Miller. «He did it in the name of ISIS. Some of the records and items found at the scene, indicate just such a motive. It seems that Saipov was following exactly the instructions that ISIL is spreading to their supporters through social networks».

The attack was the most widespread in new York since September 11.

29-year-old Saifullo Saipov lived in Florida, Ohio, and recently in Patterson, state of new Jersey. The car he rented from a store Home Depot Inc, which is located in Passaic, just South of Patterson.
Now the suspect, who had the surgery after he wounded a police officer, is in custody in the hospital of Bellevue Hospital.

Senator Lindsey Graham urged the authorities to consider Saipov as «enemy action» that would allow investigators to conduct interrogations without the presence of counsel.


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