Banned beer for $200 will appear in new York

Banned beer for $200 will appear in new York

Samuel Adams, the flagship brand of the brewery of Boston, has recently released a new limited edition batch of beer. She has two curious features. The first is that the alcohol content is so high that it is banned in 12 States. The second bottle will cost lovers of unusual drinks at $200.

According to the official release of the brewery, a new beer under the telling title Utopias has recently appear in stores. 13,000 bottles will be available all over the country, with the exception of a dozen States where it is illegal to sell beer with 28 percent of alcohol in the composition (at a rate of 10 percent). Beer Utopias will not be able to find on the shelves in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, new Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Washington.

Fabulous price beverage producer explains the complex process of making and aging in wooden barrels (this year used barrels for Aquavit, a strong Scandinavian drink with a distinct taste of spices and herbs), which takes much time and requires a lot of effort. Brewers carefully monitor the quality of raw materials, intelligently combining different kinds of malt for a rich taste and luxurious ruby color.


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