New York terminals will open the way to the past

New York terminals will open the way to the past

Terminals LinkNYC, recently installed in different parts of the city look quite modern, giving the Big Apple a futuristic aura. However, they simultaneously open the door to the city’s past, allowing you to see what was this or that street a dozen years ago.

In conjunction with the Department of records and information services new York, Department of information technology and telecommunications provides access to historical photographs of the city, which will be displayed on the screens of the LinkNYC terminals that are connected to free and super-fast Wi-Fi.

The LinkNYC terminals in all five boroughs can be found photos of streets, neighborhoods, and attractions, including Jamaica in 1890, Yankee stadium in 1979, Tribeca in 1938, Staten, Alendi in 1940 and much more.

To learn more or find the nearest terminal click here for official website of LinkNYC.