Biologists sedated beached whale

Biologists sedated beached whale

Biologists had to euthanize sperm whale, which beached on the shore of oak island in North Carolina on Thursday, despite the fact that concerned local residents struggling trying to save giant.

Marine patrol the North Carolina arrived at the beach around 9 am, answering the call. After they found the whale, they called to the aid of biologists from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, so they tried to find out what happened and why.

Biologists sedated beached whale

After examining the animal, the experts found that this young male sperm whale with a mass of 25,000 — 30,000 pounds, which was thrown on shore, was seriously injured. It is reported that the skin of the sperm whale had a large gash. Keith lost a lot of blood, and the only way to help him is euthanasia.

Biologists immediately sensed something was wrong, because in order to survive, the sperm whale would have to be 100 miles from the coast. If he came so close, so the situation is really critical. Animal often tried to roll over several times and beat the tail on the water. Several hundred people were on the beach, taking off Keith on the phone, but some occurred to moisten some towels and wipe the unfortunate animal to the skin of the sperm whale was wet.

The procedure for euthanasia of the animal was scheduled for today and had to walk on the beach. Biologists shrug, saying that they can’t lift the whale and move it to the desired depth, due to its rather big size, and injured.


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