The postal worker won $10 million in instant lottery (photo)

The postal worker won $10 million in instant lottery (photo)

And how do you like your job? You can test yourself on a scale from zero to woody Simmons from Maryland.

The employee of the postal service of the United States woody Simmons, in obedience to, in his words, minute impulse, decided to buy a lottery ticket Virginia Lottery. The man was at work in Virginia. It was a instant ticket, the so-called «scratch lottery».

The postal worker won $10 million in instant lottery (photo)

Woody sat in his car, wiped a protective coating on the ticket and screamed.

As it turned out, he won $ 10 million in the game Extreme Millions.
According to the New York Post, the most interesting is that Simmons after this just went to work as if nothing had happened. All day he kept the ticket in his pocket.

On Wednesday, woody Simmons, a resident of Hyattsville, Maryland, received her prize. He chose a one-time payment, which before taxes will be about $ 6.5 million.

In addition, the man told the lottery that he does not know how to spend money, but he’s not going to quit my job.

By the way, the Virginia Lottery there are still three winning tickets in the $ 10 million, so if you live in this state, you can test your luck.


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