Jacob Thompson is waiting for cards his last Christmas next weekend

Jacob Thompson is waiting for cards his last Christmas next weekend

The majority of children will celebrate Christmas with family on December 25 this year. But for 9-year-old Jacob Thompson with stage 4 neuroblastoma holiday will come earlier and it will last.

Jacob’s mother wrote that on 11 October he was taken to Children’s hospital Barbara Bush. According to the doctors, he will live more than one month.

5 years Jacob steadfastly resisted neuroblastoma, a cancer that is formed in the nerve cells. However, the disease has metastasized, and treatment has failed to stop it. As Jacob bedridden, and his days come to an end, relatives and the boy’s parents decided to celebrate Christmas next weekend. The chamber will turn into a winter Wonderland – snow sparkling spruce and fairy-tale characters (and even Santa).

Jacob has already started to receive Christmas cards. One of them shows up-penguin, his favorite animal. Michelle, the boy’s mother, says, «live like a penguin» — the same motto of the boy. In the words of Jacob, which means «be friendly, keep close, don’t stop».

«Jacob loves holidays, says Michelle, and we want to believe that all wishes made at Christmas come true, and that in the world there are people who cares about other people’s problems».

Jacob Thompson
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First Christmas card has been received!! Thank you Nolan!

Posted by Michelle Thompson Simard on Wednesday, November 1, 2017