Anti-fascists plan to hold on Saturday, civil protests

Anti-fascists plan to hold on Saturday, civil protests

Saturday, November 4, according to Infowars (resource, specializing in conspiracy theories and fake news), antifa planned to start a civil war, which will be followed by nationwide riots and lead to the overthrow of the administration of the trump. The leaders of the anti-fascist organization categorically deny this information.

Right-wing political group «John birch Society» even warned Americans that on Saturday, they remained in their homes. According to them, that November 4 should be «the first day of the revolution.»

The group «stop fascism» (Fascism Refuse), loyal to the left-wing forces, has no idea what «Apocalypse» means. The organizers claim that they do have plans on Saturday, but it has nothing to do with any civil war.

Antifascists are going to organize rallies across the country, hoping to achieve eventually offset the administration of the trump.

«We created this organization around two key points, said Andy Sze, one of the organizers of the group, the Washington Post. – First, the nightmare must end, and secondly, in the name of humanity we need to abandon the fascist of America.»

Z told the Post that the group is going to organize demonstrations in several major cities, including new York, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

«We’re trying to start a process of continuous protest,» – said the leader of the organization.

According to him, Refuse Fascism is an organization that uses peaceful methods exclusively and organizes non-violent protests. Z said that in our day the facts are very often distorted through social networks and can turn into a real conspiracy theory.

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