Police in Florida arrested a drunken rider

Police in Florida arrested a drunken rider

In Polk County on Thursday was an unusual arrest – a woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated, although he was not driving the car, and in the saddle of his trusty horse. And no, not iron, but most that neither is this horse named Baduk.

The representative of Sheriff’s office Polk County reported that Donna Byrne, 53, was clearly not himself when it stopped. During the arrest, police noticed a red, watery eyes of a woman and the smell of alcohol. In addition, she unsteadily stood on the feet. All this left no doubts – a rider was well tipsy.

Donna Byrne picture,riding her horse on the Florida road https://t.co/F1gkGwwkSH pic.twitter.com/NGOUxMLHvr

— infowe (@infowe) November 4, 2017

After Byrne passed a test amount of alcohol in the blood, the device has shown excess of norm of two times. So the woman was arrested, not only on charges of drunk driving but for careless treatment of animals. Innocent horse was also detained. His time tied to his patrol car, and then taken to the Department of animal control.

Despite the apparent Comedy of the situation, the Sheriff has treated it very seriously, because their appearance on the road Byrne not only endangered himself and his horse, but could cause a serious accident. This is not the first arrest mountain-rider. It is already reported allegations of serious crimes 5 and 10 lesser charges, including animal cruelty and drug possession.

Polk County arrest woman for DUI on a horse. Deputies say 53 year old Donna Byrne was confused and smelled of alcohol. pic.twitter.com/rWmqksYEew

— holly gregory (@hollygregory33) November 3, 2017