Survey | Attitude of the Americans and the United States in other countries

Survey | Attitude of the Americans and the United States in other countries

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that of the 37 countries surveyed, Americans all over the world are perceived positively only 58% of the population.

Despite the fact that American culture all over the world are very favorable, 54% of people believe that the employment of a large number of American cultural projects, traditions and ideas is unfavorable to their country.

Survey | Attitude of the Americans and the United States in other countries

The American people are especially positive in most countries in the Asia-Pacific region: 86% of South Koreans and Vietnamese, 85% of Filipinos, and 75% of Australians and Japanese are positive about the US citizens. Europeans are like Americans: 80% of Swedes and 74% of the poles and the British, 73% of French and 71% of the Dutch are favorable to him. Even 56% of Russians positively assess the us residents.

A positive attitude to the people of the United States in Africa, but in Latin America, the opinion is mixed. The support expressed by 56% of Colombians, 53% of Brazilians, 50% of Venezuelans. Negative attitude towards US citizens most of the population in Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

Not enjoy the support of Americans and the middle East (except Israel — here favorable to them 76% of the population). In Turkey, for example, have a positive attitude to citizens of the United States, only 24% of the population in Lebanon to 43% in Jordan and Tunisia, and 37% of people.

A rating of America in other countries

The results of a survey by the Pew Research Center also show that today, only 49% of the world’s population positively assess the US, and it differs significantly from the previous figure under Obama 64%. The highest ratings of America in European countries such as Poland (73%), Hungary (63%) and Italy (61%). Strong US support is present in Israel (81%), Vietnam (84%), the Philippines (78%) and South Korea (75%). In Japan, the United States rated positively by 57% of the population. Despite the «special relationship» between America and the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, only 50% of Britons view the United States favorably. The most negative views about the country in Germany (62%), Spain (60%) and the Netherlands (59%).

Not to mention that 54% of people in 37 countries around the world believe that the American government respects the personal freedom of its citizens and this affects the overall assessment of the country. However, the figure was higher before reports that US intelligence agencies are total wiretapping of its citizens. In Europe, the reputation of America on the liberty of the individual greatly shaken after the latest revelations of national security Agency of USA and is still not recovered — 52% of respondents in 10 European countries said that Washington respects personal freedom, and almost as many (about 44%) say no.

Overall, the image of America became negative in the last time only two countrieswith which the United States share their borders. This – Canada and Mexico. In Mexico, the trust rating Trump is only 5%, in Canada — 43% (this is significantly lower than a year ago during the Obama presidency). Deteriorated performance of the United States and in the countries of Western Europe and Latin America. Improved – in Russia.

Not to say that the US rating or have strongly influenced people’s view of the relations of America with their country. Most of the respondents in 37 countries believe that in the next few years everything will remain as before (51% of Europeans think so). However, those who are confident that the relationship will change, more inclined to believe that they deteriorate (57% of Germans and 46% of Swedes) than will improve. It is not surprising that the improvement expect mostly residents of Israel and Russia (more than half of respondents in these countries).