Residents of Sutherland springs, Texas after Selby: «Why here?»

Residents of Sutherland springs, Texas after Selby: «Why here?»

Sutherland springs is a tiny community in Texas with two gas stations, one post office and a few hundred residents. Why yesterday it suffered because of the mass shooting in modern state history?

This question already more than a day sounds on the lips of people of Sutherland springs that is too small to be considered a city. Predominantly Christian community nestled among farmland and rolling hills 40 miles (65 km) East of San Antonio.

Residents of Sutherland springs, Texas after Selby: «Why here?»

The town is so small that it even does not have its own police. Most of its inhabitants engaged in social activity in two churches, one of which was chosen arrow.

«We do not believe that there can happen something like this,» – admitted to journalists Paul Buford, pastor of the second Church River Oaks.

«We’re holding up as best you can. We’re a strong community. We are strong in our faith and convinced that everyone who was killed in a Church near our Lord,» he said.

Many residents of Sutherland springs stated that their town is safe, people are friendly, and what happened was unthinkable.

«Most people go to a small town to avoid such things. They did not expect that to happen« – said the 33-year-old Chris Speier, who works as a clerk at a gas station a block from the victim of the Church.

On Sunday evening the townspeople, and many mourners gathered for a prayer candlelight.

Sutherland springs was founded as a stop for the stagecoach in the middle 1800 years. In the late XIX and early XX century, the place began to attract tourists who wanted to visit the nearby sources. The district is now mainly engaged in agriculture.

The police have not yet found out why 26-year-old shooter, Devin Patrick Kelly, chose this town to realize their evil plan. But the publication Dailymail reported that the killer has some connection with the Church. His wife, Danielle shieldspreviously worked as a teacher in the First Baptist Church. And mother-in-law Kelly, Michelle shields, might have been a parishioner of this Church and, according to information from social networks, was friends with the pastor’s wife.

We stand linked arm in arm with our brothers and sisters in the Sutherland Springs Church shooting. #prayers #SutherlandSprings

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