In the Central Park show with «the killing trump»

In the Central Park show with «the killing trump»

The annual summer program of the Public theater of new York «Shakespeare in the Park» started with a play about Caesar.

Only in this reading of the famous Shakespearean tragedy there is a caveat — Caesar played by the actor, is strikingly similar to President Donald trump.

In the description of the statement on the theatre’s website States that «the political Shakespeare’s masterpiece has never looked more modern.» In it Julius Caesar called «a populist, wanting absolute power.» The description also notes that «a small group of patriots, supporters of democratic principles of the country must decide how to confront him.»

Of course, those who have read the play by Shakespeare (or remember high-school history) knows how it ends the confrontation, a group of conspirators, among whom are close friends of Caesar who kills him in the Senate building.

Laura Schaeffer, sales Manager at Salem Media, described Media Ite their impressions of the production.

According to her, the actor playing Caesar, red hair — exactly like trump. And his wife Calpurnia is very similar to the Melania trump bright «Slavic accent».
Laura Schaeffer also said that the scene of Caesar’s murder is shocking, so bloody it made.

«Honestly, I think it’s disgusting. This would never are allowed to do with Barack Obama or George Bush. The play ends with mark Antony Brutus thanked for the fact that he saved the Romans from the reign of Caesar. That is, the message is: if you don’t support the President, it’s okay to kill him?», says Schaeffer.

In her opinion, the performance itself is excellent, and the actors played great, and the Parallels between the trump and the reign of Caesar is interesting. «But the murder of the President on the stage too,» — said Laura Schaeffer.

Opinions about the production were divided, many consider it interesting and not affiliated with trump. «The stage show the death of the Emperor, not the President of America,» «It’s just actors, just a play, sorry that she had upset you. Better worry about the real problems in the world than this», — quotes the opinions of the audience of the Daily Mail.

Artistic Director Oskar Eustis describes the play as a story about the fragility of democracy in General. «That is what we grew up with, inherited from the struggle of many generations of our ancestors, may collapse in a single moment», — he said.

The play will be shown in the Park on June 18.

We will remind, last week there was a resonant story actress Kathy Griffin was photographed with «a severed head of trump.»